• Microsoft Certification Study Guide: Part 1

    In the coming months we'll be providing a full-fledged Microsoft certification study guide on this blog. In this first entry, we will provide basic tips on studying for Microsoft certification and using the resources here and on other websites.

    General Study Tips

    If you're here looking for some last-minute cramming before your certification test, we wish you the best of luck—but we can't do much more for you. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to spread your studying out over time. Your brain's long-term memory stores information only when that information is re-visited regularly. As such, it's a good idea to schedule your studying over the course of several weeks and set aside an hour or so each day.

    When studying, try to find partners who are also interested in Microsoft certification. Beyond the benefits of being able to study in a fun, social environment, you will often be given the opportunity to explain or re-explain a concept to your peers. Studies have shown that re-teaching information is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you yourself remember it.

    Many of the standard "study tips" will apply to your certification prep: Drink plenty of water while studying, make flashcards, take pre-tests, and make sure you're getting plenty of sleep.

    What to Study

    While we will provide specific study guides for the core Microsoft certifications in the coming weeks, there are a few general principles to keep in mind when preparing for Microsoft's tests.
    First, note that Microsoft doesn't use trick questions in its exams, so if you find yourself over-complicating a concept you are probably straying from the path. This also means that you need to understand the core concepts but won't need to study each and every possible subtlety.

    Second, note that you can choose what specific certifications to test for. As such, you can narrow the scope of your study to a few select fields. While it does save money to study and test for numerous certifications simultaneously, it's wise to start with the most relevant certifications for your career path.

    Using Online Resources

    There are many free and paid online resources that were developed specifically to help you study for Microsoft certification tests. However, you'll need to be wary as you decide which services to take advantage of. In addition to researching paid services, do your due diligence on any free services: Learning from inaccurate or misleading educational resources can lead to spectacular failure on the test itself, which is just as costly as investing in a premium service.

    Remember that Microsoft also has specific approved partners for exam preparation. While many of these services charge a substantial fee, they have been reviewed by a Microsoft team and can thus be trusted.

    We look forward to providing additional tools and resources for you as this blog series continues. Microsoft certification is a valuable career asset and well worth obtaining.  

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