• It took a while to figure out creating a custom content type based of Wiki Page via User Interface.
    By default wiki content type belongs to Hidden group in SharePoint (_hidden) and there is not option to select it as base type while creating custom content type.

    Here are the steps to accomplish this:

    1. Go to Content Type Gallery from Site Settings Page and Click on Task

    2. Notice marking in the Url - Change 0x108 to 0x010108 and hit enter

    3. ou should be able to see wiki page content type:

    4. Click on Name, Description and Group

    5. Change Group from _Hidden to Document Content Type and Click Ok

    6. Make sure you see Wiki Content Type associated with Document Content Type Group

    7. Go back to Site Content Type Gallery and Click on New Content Type and you will see that now you have an option to have new content type that can be inherited from wiki page:

    Please post your comments if you have any questions or feedback.

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