• Coca Cola Discusses Their Refreshing Dive into SharePoint

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    SharePoint is a popular platform with companies of almost every size; from the smallest of the small to the world's top corporations, Microsoft's content management platform offers a way to increase efficiency, decrease cost, and improve communication. Among the hundreds of companies who adopt SharePoint each month, last year saw a giant name added to the list: Coca Cola.

    Coca Cola Enterprises is the largest manufacturer and distributor of Coke products. Their 75,000 employees had been using a content management system that created problems; employees felt there was a lot of "push down" communication, but very little opportunity to communicate to the upper tiers. Additionally, files were often lost and the most recent versions of policies or documents were difficult to come by.

    Through the implementation of SharePoint and a team site system that allowed users to create their own sites, Coca Cola Enterprises saw a dramatic positive shift. Their staff, from ground level to C-level, commented on how intuitive and capable the system was.

    Among other core benefits of the SharePoint system, Coca Cola employees mentioned the easy-to-create team sites (over 800 sites were created by the staff in the first week after implementation); the ability to create engaged, two-way communication; the opportunity to create profiles that highlighted the personal strengths and capabilities of each team member; the increased security and visibility associated with user access; and the improved organization of resources, information, and content.

    If you're like Coca Cola and had trouble finding that "single version of the truth," are looking to create more "engaging communication," and want to create "a foundation that allows us to really understand the presence of our resources," SharePoint is the right system for you. Watch the video above for further details.

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