• More Fortune 500 Companies that Use SharePoint Sites

    As we discussed in our last post, SharePoint has become a go-to resource for many of the world's leading companies. Everything from the core content management to site creation are in common use. To help remedy the myth that professional sites can't be built from within SharePoint, we've collected some of the best consumer-facing SharePoint sites created and used by Fortune 500 companies.

    4) Valero Energy

    Valero Energy Corporation may not be a name you hear every day, but it's a company that impacts more than its share of Americans. As the largest independent refining company, Valero satisfies the energy needs of millions of Americans, and provides additional products on top of it all. And who does Valero turn to from their all-important public-facing site? None other than SharePoint.

    5) Viacom

    Viacom, the global entertainment company, runs top media networks such as MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike TV, Logo, and about 150 more networks. Their assets also breach into other fields, with Neopets, BET.com, and Addicting Games all falling under the Viacom umbrella. Given the sheer amount of content to handle, it's little surprise that Viacom turned to SharePoint, the world's recognized leader in large-scale content management.

    6) International Assets Holding

    International Assets Holding, commonly abbreviated INTL, is a global advisory and execution group working with currencies, commodities, capital markets, asset management, and much more. They work with some of the world's top producers and processors, creating a world-wide bridge for government, for-profit, charitable, and other organizations. Their public-facing website brings it all together thanks to the manifold capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint sites.

    Other major companies that use or have used SharePoint for their core site include Kraft Foods, Brystol-Meyers Squibb, Exelon, Emerson Electric, PPG Industries, and – of course – SharePoint Engine. However, this list is only the tip of the iceberg. Beyond the hundreds of top-ranking companies who trust Microsoft SharePoint for both their content architecture and presentation, more businesses are choosing SharePoint every single day.

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