• Printing SharePoint Pages Without Headers

    While the default print option for SharePoint 2010 is certainly useful, much of the included data can be done without; specifically, the inclusion of a header that gives document names, navigation, and other system-based details will often be useless when you have a document in print. One of the most effective and simple to implement solutions is a quick change to the CSS of a page.

    Thanks to the SharePoint 2010 custom CSS functionality, as well as improved rendering from the 2007 edition of the same, users will be able to take care of the header quite easily. (Users of SharePoint 2007 should note that there are often hidden elements that prevent appropriate rendering when you change the CSS. As such, you will need to either re-enter full CSS or locate the hidden elements before proceeding.)

    The primary piece of CSS you'll need is as follows:

    #s4-topheader2, #s4-titlerow, #s4-statusbarcontainer { visibility: hidden; display:none; }

    This code alone will hide the core header elements during print when you place it within the appropriate media signal (@media print). You can extend this functionality further by connecting the customized CSS with your print preview for a page. To do so, add the code <linl media="print">.

    Additional helpful CSS for printing includes the following line: #MSO_ContentTable { margin: 0 }. This line centers the content on a page. You can further alter the page alignments and other visual features with the use of tags such as text-align (left, right, or center) and padding (where you can insert a specific size to determine how much space is put between objects).

    If you have additional page elements, or page elements that are named differently than the items above, you can hide those items by inserting the element name with the code visibility: hidden; display:none;  }. 

    For more information on CSS coding, including what elements are functional inside SharePoint, visit w3schools.com.

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