• SharePoint Apps for iOS and Android

    Many business people today do their work on the go. If this is you, you may find yourself getting frustrated by the inability to easily find information on your SharePoint website. Luckily, there are now a number of great apps for your Apple or Android based device to help you.

    Newly available through the iPhone and iPad, DocExplore will help you view the documents on your SharePoint site. Other apps may allow you to navigate the information on the site, but none has made it quite so easy to see your files as DocExplore. This app can remember your log in information for a variety of sites, as well as authenticate for sites such as Office 365. View your documents in normal view or tree view – it’s up to you. You can even find your documents and send them as email attachments straight from your phone.

    Do you need touchscreen optimization for SharePoint? Filimente can help. This versatile app also allows you to upload documents from you iPad or iPhone. If you need to work offline, you won’t have a problem when you use the Filimente app.

    With Moshare for iOS, you can share and view your files. From Word documents to PowerPoint presentations, and more, this app allows you to see what’s on your SharePoint site. Have you ever looked up a contact through SharePoint, just to realize you don’t have a pen handy? This is no longer a problem, since with Moshare, you can call your contacts from the app.

    If you are on an Android device, there are not quite as many SharePoint apps available. However, SharePlus has everything you need. You can sync your lists and libraries straight to your phone, collaborate with others, and browse and edit the site. You don’t need any server side components, and the app works with your SharePoint credentials, so you never need to worry about extra permissions. Whether you are working in SharePoint 2007, 2010, or even on Office 365, this app will help you go mobile.

    Freelance writer and self-publishing author Rob D Young notes that his work was greatly simplified due to the opportunities provided by these mobile applications, but larger groups---including major corporations across the globe---are turning toward iOS and Android apps to access their SharePoint resources.

    When you need information, you need it now. Being able to quickly access your SharePoint website, documents, and contacts has never been easier. With the ability to see, edit, and add documents to SharePoint while on a business trip or in a cab helps you keep on top of what is going on. If you are looking to boost your productivity, or that of your team, look no further than the SharePoint apps you can find for your smart phone.

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