• How To: Create a SharePoint Knowledge Base

    When computers entered the business world, they changed everything. From the way we calculate information to the way we provide customer service to the way we share information and beyond, 20th and 21st century technology took nearly every function to an entirely new level. In the end, though, all the utilities of a computer are designed to maximize one resource: human intelligence.

    Human intelligence is still the single most valuable element in any company; without it, the company's future would disintegrate. And, on the reverse side, those companies that tap into that knowledge, allowing it to increase, be utilized, be shared, and otherwise be accessed will see the positive results clearly. One of the many ways in which SharePoint does this is through a "Knowledge Base" – one of the core components and organizational tools of the SharePoint platform.

    In this guide, we'll walk you through the incredibly basic beginner steps of creating your own knowledge base.

    1. Open SharePoint as you normally would.
    2. Log into a registered administrator profile on your SharePoint account.
    3. Click on Site Actions > Site Settings > Sites and Workspaces.
    4. Select "Create."
    5. Fill out the data for your SharePoint site.
    6. Select "Application Template" in the template menu.
    7. Select "Create."
    Your simple knowledge base will now be created. However, there's still plenty to do to make your resource both available and optimized for your company! A variety of free web-parts, built-in features, and other elements make this process far simpler for standard users. Be sure to check out features like:
    • The free templates for the knowledge base, provided by Microsoft and available via download from the SharePoint Services site.
    • The free Document Rating System for SharePoint.
    • The "search user data" feature, available in SharePoint 2007 and newer.
    Those looking to tap further into the functionality of the SharePoint knowledge base, or those who need more customized solutions, need look no further than SharePoint Engine for a capable and experienced partner. If this form of advanced use seems like the right path for your company, or if you simply don't know, contact us today for a free consultation.

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