• Migration to SharePoint 2013 for Social Scalability

    SharePoint 2013 for social scalability
    SharePoint 2013 has many features that benefit enterprise-scale organizations. This is especially true when it comes to two key elements: Scalability and collaboration. This entry will overview some of the most important features of SharePoint 2013 and discuss the importance of SharePoint migration.

    Collaboration Tools

    One of the biggest benefits of migrating to SharePoint is the inclusion of simple sharing. This includes file sharing, shared calendars, collaborative workflows, team content management, group data repositories, group contact management, and much more.

    Since SharePoint is used as a web-based content management system, your team can collaborate from anywhere they have access to the web. With the inclusion of new SharePoint features in 2013 that enable easy mobile and tablet access, you are empowering your on-the-go workforce. Further, since SP 2013 brings discussion boards, micro-blogging, mini-wikis, social document curation, and numerous other social-oriented features, you are encouraging your team to connect.

    Scalable Features

    Internal sites can be set up for teams, groups, departments, or projects and are a professional, streamlined method of organizing your company's information. Configuration for these sites is simple, making it easy to create as many as is necessary. Further, you can replicate your existing SharePoint sites for maximum scalability. SharePoint migration also lets you take advantage of the improved search capabilities of SP 2013. The upgraded search includes relevant internal content, community-based content, external sites, and more. You can even fine-tune your search by adjusting the algorithm used to prioritize results.

    If you really want to prepare your company for growth, one of the best features of the 2013 update is the improved business intelligence. Your company can get even more from the SharePoint insights into the most vital behaviors of your company and your clients.

    SharePoint is known to dramatically improve productivity, group-think capabilities, document management, legal liability fail-safes, data redundancy, and more. Migrating to SharePoint 2013 can be a complex process. We encourage you to contact SharePoint Engine today for a free consultation on your migration needs.

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