• Using SharePoint on Tablets: The Right Apps

    In a world where mobility is strength, the concept of tablets is a powerful one for businesses. The difficulty is that tablets, being a very different platform than your standard laptop or desktop computer, require a steep learning curve – at least if business users really want to make the most out of their Android tablet or iPad.

    To help you conquer that learning curve as quickly as possible, here are some basic pointers on using SharePoint for the tablet environment. First things first: Get the right apps.

    While there are a good number of apps that technically allow you to interact with SharePoint, and a few apps designed for highly niche purposes within SharePoint, there are a couple highly reputable options that are beautiful for a broad number of SharePoint purposes.


    First, there's SharePlus. SharePlus has three different versions: Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. The Lite version is free but lacks some important security measure, the Pro version costs $15 (a one-time fee), and the Enterprise version requires a quote. Once you've purchase the version that works best for you, loading the program on your tablet will show several navigation options, including "Office 365." This means you can access your SharePoint Online content.

    Once you're done with the standard authentication, you'll see a well-organized navigation tree that shows your libraries and documents. From here you can create new files, post announcements, and much more. Well worth the low price!


    Next there's DocumentsToGo. DTG is popular for document creation, and while it doesn't support the same broad level of interactivity with your SharePoint site, it's one of the best tablet-based ways to create attractive documents with professional designs.

    There are two versions, the standard ($10) and the premier ($17), but either one works well for your typical document editing and creation. The premier version does offer some cloud storage and the option to create and edit PowerPoint presentations, however.

    Once you've decided on which apps to purchase (of the two above or any number of other alternatives), it's all about adapting to the mobile work. We'll cover that in future entries. As always, if you have any questions on SharePoint or want to learn what a SharePoint consulting group can do for you, just contact us.

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