• How to Install Microsoft SharePoint 2010 SP1

    SP1 is officially out, which is great news for all of the tech-savvy SharePoint gurus who've been hovering over their keyboards, ready to blitz the Microsoft download site the moment the update pack was ready. However, many SharePoint users aren't quite so familiar with SP1, and may be a bit uncertain on how to install the updates. To make that process simple, this entry will give a step-by-step guide on installing the service pack.

    Step One: Get the Service Pack Files

    You can pick up SP1 on the Microsoft Download site, but you'll need to get the correct version for your system type (specifically, 32-bit or 64-bit) and you may need to install a language pack afterward. You can find a listing of SharePoint 2010 service pack options here. Meanwhile, the two most common files needed will be SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP1 and SharePoint Server 2010 SP1.

    Step Two: Prepare for the Update

    A few preparatory steps are in order. First, make sure the account you're working from has all the administrative privileges enabled. Second, create a backup of the entire server farm, just in case something goes wrong during your installation process.

    Step Three: Determine and Execute an Update Type

    There are multiple update type options available, and different companies may find different alternatives preferable. Each option has different support (e.g., for reverse compatibility, etc.) and downtime requirements. Check out this Microsoft site summarizing the details of the update options and how to execute each.

    Step Four: Install the Latest Cumulative Update

    SP1 does not include some of the updates from the June 2011 cumulative update, so it's a good idea to install those immediately after you've installed SP1.

    If you feel that you need help in choose the best option for your company, in executing the update, or in understanding the benefits of SP1 or other SharePoint Foundation and Server updates, we'd be glad to help. Just contact us by your preferred method to get in touch with a certified SharePoint expert.

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