• Staffing Statistics for SharePoint and Beyond

    This month's newsletter will cover SharePoint staffing services provided by SPE, the advantages we offer, and – far more importantly – a lineup of information, resources, and statistics on the value offered by temporary staffing options. Here's a quick peek at some of the most interesting facts.

    Temporary staff positions are continuing to become the employment of choice for tech gurus around the world. As evidenced by the 18.4% growth in 2010, the 2.6 million jobs being worked by temporary staff on any given day, and the continued growth in Q1 of 2011, more and more individuals and companies are turning toward temporary positions to fill their needs.

    Going against misconceptions about the staffing industry, most temporary staff members actually prefer temp positions to standard positions, since "flexible work time is important" to spend time with their family and pursue other interests. Two-thirds of all temporary staffers cited flexible work time as a major motivating benefit.

    Also a less-known fact is that 79% of all temporary staff members are working full time, which is right on par with the full-time vs part-time rate seen in non-temporary industries. All these advantages make contract work an intuitive choice for SharePoint experts, and allow us to access some of the brightest minds in the industry.

    Add to these benefits the simple reality of improved screening, fewer HR headaches, and the ability to quickly find a staff member that suits your company, and choosing SharePoint staffing solutions becomes the clear choice for many projects.

    [The statistics provided in this article come from the American Staffing Association]

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