• What to Watch Out for in SharePoint Migration

    Learning to love SharePoint migration
    Migrating your SharePoint to a new version can be an intimidating process. Even for the technically savvy, the migration can feel overwhelming. For those without a strong technical background, the move can feel like a miniature apocalypse. Here are some specific items you can watch out for during SharePoint migration to increase your chances of long-term success.

    Document Migration by Type


    Dependent on how you're organizing your SharePoint libraries, it may be true that you only need to move files with specific extensions to the new library. Even if your current system isn't set up to sort by file type, the migration can provide a great opportunity for reorganization. Using some simple programming, you can move file types selectively during your SharePoint migration.

    Keeping the Dates in Order


    The new system will organize files by date without a problem. If migration is executed poorly, however, you could accidentally reset the date of creation and last modification for your files. Dependent on which version of SharePoint you're migrating to, maintaining the appropriate dates may require a bit of additional configuration work or the use of a third-party program.

    Special Characters and Quirky File Names


    If you're moving from a non-SharePoint content management system, you may have file names that include special characters such as colons, brackets, slashes, ampersands, etc. These special characters will not, by default, work within your SharePoint file trees. These strangely named files can disrupt the migration process or break down your internal navigation systems. Universal find and replace options are available, however, as are tools that can resolve special character issues during your migration.


    Bulk Migration of Files


    If you don't have a very good organization system right now, SharePoint should be a big upgrade for you. However, it's also possible that you don't have the time to resolve your organizational issues before the migration itself. You can move everything over to SharePoint in bulk, but it's important to use at least a basic level of file organization so you know where to find crucial files before your new organizational system can be implemented.

    These are just a few of the items to look out for during SharePoint migration. What are some issues you've run into during this process? And have you had the opportunity to work with certified SharePoint experts during past migrations? Let us know in the comments, below.

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