• 5 Key Components of Successful SharePoint Use

    Key Components of SharePoint
    While it's important to know what to avoid with SharePoint use, it's just as important to know how you can make the most out of the platform. As with any powerful tool, SharePoint is limited by how skillfully it is utilized. This article will walk you through five key components of using SharePoint successfully at an organizational level.

    The First Key: Communication


    Communication is a key to just about anything that requires interpersonal work. This is doubly true for SharePoint. You will need to communicate with all of your employees at each stage of the development and deployment process—but you'll also need to be receptive to their input. Listening carefully will allow you to understand employee frustrations, make effective changes in your system organization, and far more.

    The Second Key: Appropriate Administration


    Administration of a large SharePoint system can be a daunting task, but if done correctly it will make things smoother for everyone. If done poorly, administration can break every project your company works with. Appropriate administration protocols include limiting administrative rights (as a security measure) and using the appropriate administrative tools for SharePoint and your Windows server.

    The Third Key: Appropriate Maintenance


    It's easy to abandon basic maintenace if you don't have a dedicated agent taking care of it for you. Be sure someone is assigned to update SharePoint when new service packs and cumulative updates are available. Your company should also have a plan and policy in place for making backups of your SharePoint farms. If you want to learn about how SharePoint Engine can take care of maintenance for your organization, visit this page.

    The Fourth Key: Regular Training


    There's often a single batch of training that happens during SharePoint deployment or after new employees are hired. Beyond those single-serving classes, training is often abandoned. If you really want to maximize your employee potential, additional training and learning opportunities should become a regular part of your company's culture.

    The Fifth Key: Continuous Development


    As has been noted in previous entries, you'll want to ensure that your initial deployment of SharePoint takes advantage of as many core features as possible and that your configuration is as close to your target setup as is possible. However, SharePoint as a platform is dynamic. By continually investing in development, you will continuously reap rewards.

    These five approaches are important keys to unlocking SharePoint's potential. Ultimately, however, they're just the beginning. Check out our other entries, guides, and informational articles to learn more about how you can use SharePoint and SharePoint consultants to benefit your company.

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