• Using SharePoint on Tablets: The Limitations

    We previously discussed some ways you can get started with accessing SharePoint right from your tablet computer – be it an iPad, Galaxy Tab, or something else entirely. While the tips and workarounds provided in this series will let many users do everything they need to with SharePoint, some users will still face limitations.

    Those limitations vary greatly dependent on how you're accessing your SharePoint content. Each application, including those outlined previously, will hit against walls when it comes to accessing SharePoint. This will be especially true as we transition to the Office 365 version of SharePoint Online. Applications can also have gaps between OS versions or major SharePoint updates where the app loses features or stops working entirely.

    Those using the mobile browsers provided by their tablet or smartphone are likely to avoid those gaps and stutters, but there are separate limitations brought about by the mobile browsers themselves. Mobile Safari, the most popular option (and the one tied to the iPad), doesn't allow Rich Text editing, as just one example. Additionally, browsing through advanced menus or web parts can become impossible.

    These problems will diminish in the future; the upcoming versions of iOS (including 5.0, which is currently in beta) will reduce issues with rich text, Microsoft may release their own fully capable applications, and SharePoint Online may integrate more mobile-friendly features. In the meantime, users can still get a lot out of SharePoint while using their tablet.

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