• Email Predicted to Fade in the Face of SharePoint

    SharePoint is a lot of things to a lot of people, ranging from a business intelligence platform to a site builder to a social hub of company information to a powerful rapid communication tool. That last potential use is becoming more prominent, and according to a survey from Robert Half Technology, it's even edging out email.

    The survey of 1400 CIOs asked where in-office communication was going in the future. The respondents were asked to rate whether email or non-email methods, including SharePoint, would be more popular in the upcoming years. While many felt the two methods would be equally popular (38%), the largest number of respondents said that SharePoint and other instant communication options would be somewhat more popular than email (14% of respondents). 13% said that SharePoint and other similar methods would be "much more popular."

    The reasons boil down to speed, convenience, and social elements. Sharing through SharePoint gives access to options like tags, invitations for collaboration, group forums, and increased teamwork. John Reed of Robert Half Technology stated that "Although email remains an important communication tool, the increased use of real-time technologies affects the IT environment." As a result, "Employers are looking for the right people to deploy these tools in new ways to increase efficiency."

    The reality is that every company will behave differently, but those on the technological frontlines will gain a lot of benefit from using SharePoint, instant messaging, and social services to supplement their core communication – whatever method they happen to use for that. The difficulty now, as it was with email long ago, is facing the learning curve. As you approach this major platform, it's wise to enlist help from those who are already experts. If you want to learn what SharePoint Engine can do for you, contact us today.

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