• April Fools' with SharePoint

    While there are dozens of happy holidays throughout the year, one of the favorite for those in the tech industry seems to be April Fools' Day. This "no holds bar" day of lies, hoaxes, parodies, and stunts calls to the clever and innovative minds and tells them to throw the world for a loop – if only for one day. While Microsoft SharePoint didn't pull anything on its users (Microsoft tends to shy away from the goofy end of the spectrum), some prominent SharePoint gurus have used the platform as the basis for their joke.

    One example is Woody Windischman. Windischman is a respected guru in the industry who has written multiple books about SharePoint and how to use it. Thus, it was more than a little shocking when his SharePoint blog ("The Sanity Point," where he attempts to find sanity with the often difficult to manage SharePoint system) stated, "I've decided to give up SharePoint. For most of my life, people have been telling me I'm wasting my time with all of this computer nonsense, and that I should dedicate myself to my true calling - photography!"

    Some people took Windischman a little more seriously than intended, in part because he actually is a photographer with a fairly substantial collection of nature photography. However, he assures his readers that he has no intent of sacrificing his love of SharePoint; there's no reason, after all, why he can't be a photographer and a SharePoint guru too.

    Have you heard of any other SharePoint-oriented stunts from April 1st? Did you pull any of your own? Let us know in the comments here or on our Facebook page. We'd love to spread word about the more humorous side of technology lovers.

    As always, for those more interested in the professional, developmental side of the picture, you can always contact our team for a free consultation on how we can help you make the most out of this powerful platform.

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