• Microsoft 365 Beta Launches, Includes SharePoint in the Cloud

    Those who have been paying close attention to Microsoft's innovations will already have heard of Microsoft 365, which has had mentions from mid-2010. However, exactly what was to be included wasn't sure – nor was 365 itself anything more than a convention demo and set of screenshots, at least as far as practical application was concerned.

    That's changed now, thanks to the Beta release of Office 365. But what's so different about this service? The primary augmentation is the move of Microsoft's productivity components into the cloud. All of the standard productivity services, such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, are cloud-ready with this service, but that's not where the story ends: Office 365 also brings SharePoint into the cloud.

    The entire package is available for beta testers now, but it may take some time to get admitted to the beta program (two to four weeks, in fact, according to the Microsoft estimates). Those who would rather just wait for an official release should be pleased by the pricing, which tosses the traditional licensing fee in favor of an annual subscription. Companies with fewer than 25 employees can subscribe for $6 per year, or $18 per year if you want your employees to have access to the desktop versions of Microsoft Office. Meanwhile, the Enterprise version, designed for companies with more than 25 employees, will charge $24 per year for access to all the standard services and desktop software, as well as 24-hour IT support and advanced controls.

    There's little doubt that the update will change the face of Microsoft SharePoint, and the company has never disguised the fact that this may present complications. However, it will also offer a great number of new opportunities. Those looking to conquer the chaos or seize the new treasures lying inside the updated version will benefit from a SharePoint consulting group such as SharePoint Engine. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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