• To Cloud or Not to Cloud, That Is the Question

    The Realm of 21st Century Computing
    Cloud computing has launched in a very real way over the last several years, largely thanks to new cloud services such as online storage (such as DropBox), online productivity software (such as Google Docs or the Microsoft Suite), and more. However, when it comes to a content management system for businesses, the decision of whether or not to move to the cloud isn't easy.

    A move to the cloud certainly has its advantages in cost and accessibility, but it also has two downfalls. First, while security in the cloud has improved vastly over the last several years, this method of computing is still far less secure than running your own servers. For businesses, this includes the need to keep former employees from accessing and toying with the data from off-site. Second, and perhaps more importantly, moving to the cloud diminishes the level of control companies have over their own files. From organizational pitfalls to legal concerns, it's clear that the cloud has its concerns.

    The major alternative is setting up an Intranet and/or Extranet portal, but this process is complicated and —let's face it — costly. It is viable only for well-established companies and, while it's still versatile with enough investment, these in-house portals are less adaptable.

    Many companies are turning toward a "hybrid" solution, using some web-based and some internal server solutions; most "service" software is run through the cloud while anything involving sensitive data is kept in-house. Even government agencies are currently favoring this alternative.

    Whichever approach you choose, it's important that you have the ability to customize the solutions to fit your needs. As a leading SharePoint consultant, SharePoint Engine is able to provide you assistance both in-house and in-cloud. Visit our main site today, or contact us to get started.

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