• Happy New Year from SharePoint Engine!

    Some companies have been struggling this year, but for many 2010 was a time of growth and rejuvenation after three years of a spine-shattering economy — whether your field is SharePoint consulting, accounting, or testing lab rats.  While we may not all be where we want to be, viability and magnifying profits are more accessible than ever before; thus, it's no surprise that many of the New Year's Resolutions being made have to do with increasing the success of your company.

    Of course, knowing that your pursuit is increased success is just one part of the process.  You will also need to have a clear road-map to get there!  This is an excellent time to sit down and ask one question: Where is my business flagging?  Where is it succeeding?  What needs to change?

    If your answer is "I really don't know," then what you need is to increase your level of feedback!  Assuming, however, that you do know basically what your company's strengths and weaknesses are, now is the time to develop a succinct and effective game-plan for how things will change over the course of 2011.

    As you outline your objectives, it's a good idea to create tasks and goals for sub-divisions of the year.  What do you want to have done on your goal by the end of the quarter?  How about the end of the month?  What about today?  By breaking down your tasks into clear, easy to track steps, you will be able to review the objectives on a reasonable basis, and ensure that New Year's 2012 will be a time for celebrating all your achieved goals.

    Do your objectives include any of the following?
    • Improving the quality of your employee's knowledge base.
    • Decreasing the time taken for knowledge-based tasked.
    • Assuring the greatest accuracy in knowledge-based tasks.
    • Improving your pipeline structure's overall effectiveness.
    • Increasing your business intelligence and reporting.
    If so, now might be a perfect time to get a free consultation from SharePoint Engine, your premier resource for SharePoint consulting and solutions.  Just head over to our main site to find out more, or drop us a line today by phone at (877) 368-7207 or by email at info@sharepointengine.com.

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