• Syncing SkyDrive Pro with SharePoint 2013

    Earlier this year Microsoft unleashed a new version of the SkyDrive Pro desktop client. Since that May release, SharePoint consulting firms have been taking a good hard look at how SkyDrive and SharePoint can work together to make your business even better.

    As a desktop app, the new version of SkyDrive (available specifically for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012) functions as a standalone application that gives SharePoint 2013 users the opportunity to sync their files to the machine. The obvious use is to allow for offline access to important files or to sync to a device that won't have web access so mobile productivity can be enhanced. Office 365 files can also be synchronized to the local system.

    Once the update is installed, it shouldn't require a SharePoint consulting firm to tell you how to synchronize: Simply push the new "sync" button found in the upper-right of the SkyDrive Pro library.

    For some users, this version of SkyDrive won't offer any additional features. Specifically, if you were already using Office 365 Small Business Premium, Office Professional Plus 2013, or Office 365 Pro Plus, you were able to accomplish all the synchronization contained in this SkyDrive update. However, for everyone else, this SkyDrive iteration offers great new functionality.

    Not all users will need to synchronize their files for offline usage, but many benefit from this practice even if it's only an additional precaution in case internet access is lost. SharePoint consulting services can help bring you up to speed on the best practices for cloud-based and offline data storage.

    While automatic updates should give you the new version of SkyDrive, those who don't regularly update may not yet have heard about the new release. The announcement itself was made only through the Microsoft blog and came with little fanfare.

    If you're uncertain how to proceed, SharePoint consulting services can help you make the most out of this new release. Check out our contact page for further details on how we can help.

    Get more information about sharepoint implementation and customization contact our sharepoint consulting services team here.

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