• What You Missed at SPTechCon

    SPTechCon: Where You Should Have Been on Feb. 7

    SPTechCon, a SharePoint convention designed for professionals, managers, analysts, and developers, was a great opportunity to learn, and it was our honor to be present there. Didn't make it to the San Francisco event earlier this month? In addition to missing out on an opportunity to visit with representatives from SharePoint Engine, your favorite SharePoint consulting group, those who didn't make it to lost an opportunity to learn a lot of incredible things, attend some valuable workshop, and hear addresses from some industry leaders. Here's a brief rundown:

    Keynote speeches from Jared Spataro, the Director of Microsoft Office's SharePoint Server division. His speech covered ways to maximize your investment in SharePoint. Spataro drew on his nearly five years of experience working directly at Microsoft, in addition to lengthy related experience prior to that. A second keynote speech was given by Joel Oleson, the Senior Product Manager of Quest Software, who discussed some bad examples of SharePoint deployments and the most commonly found worst practices.

    A huge array of other talks and lectures were also given, including speeches from names like Owen Allen, Marc Anderson, Robert Bogue, Chris Beckett, Christian Buckley, Michael Doyle, Randy Drisgill, Jeff Fried, Ruven Gotz, Steve Hansen, Brian Jackett, Scott Jamison, Jennifer Mason, John Ross, Laura Rogers, Paul Swider, and dozens of others.

    Attendees could also participate in a number of classes and workshops, which included instructions on expanding the developer toolbox, strategic considerations in SharePoint migration, best practices, controlling ad hoc deployments, common ways that workflow breaks down, major case studies for SharePoint, how to go into offline space, using fixed query searches, advanced document management, and more.

    Are you drooling with eagerness yet? Don't worry. Since SPTechCon happens twice yearly, you can catch it in Boston this June. You can also visit us at several conferences in the meantime, including the AIIM Expo on March 21st, where we will be discussing the benefits of SharePoint consulting. Stop by and chat for a minute! We're glad to say hello.


    The SharePoint Engine Team

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