• SharePoint's Growth Explodes in Early 2011

    SharePoint in Explosive Growth
    Users of the SharePoint platform, and especially those of us in the SharePoint consulting industry, are already fully aware of how powerful the system can be. However, SharePoint 2010 has been spreading like wildfire in other circles as well, seeing major growth over the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011.

    According to a report from the "Global 360" survey group, deployments of the SharePoint platform have increased by 500% over the course of just six months. Commenting on the study, the SVP of Global 360 stated that "When organizations need to support complex, mission-critical processes they turn to enterprise business process management tools," such as SharePoint. As one of the most heavily developed, customizable, and effective ECMs on the market, SharePoint has been the primary platform of interest for companies, whether small business or enterprise level in scale.

    The success of SharePoint certainly isn't the only item contributing to Microsoft's current strength in the market, with Windows 7 showing vast improvements over Vista, Bing steadily growing in search share, and the upcoming Windows 8 focusing on the world of mobility. However, the ECM platform is also one of the key reasons that Microsoft has seen approximately a 5% improvement in stock price in the first quarter of 2011.

    If you're looking to see what's drawn users to this platform, or if you're trying to make the most out of your existing SharePoint deployment, consider SharePoint consulting. These services will help you adapt  the platform to your company's needs. You can contact SharePoint Engine today at (877) 368-7207.

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