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    This post is intented for .NET developers who are new to SharePoint, I will be listing out help ful tools that are available to speed up development and for SharePoint customizations.

    Please add your suggestions and other tools that you know of.

    WSP Builder - Available in CodePlex for building web parts, features and workflows - their plugin for Visual Studio will help you build wsp deployment packages easily.

    U2U CAML Query Builder - This tool is available that will help you build CAML Query that are used for SharePoint Lists for retrieving data

    SharePoint Solution Generator - For building Site Definitions and List Definitions, I have faced issues with this tool for sites with customizations but you definitely want to try this - if it goes through it saves lot of time building custom definitions

    Best Practice Analyzer - Make sure your databases are configured correctly

    SharePoint Comunity Kit - Available on CodePlex has free web parts and other tools

    SharePoint Application Templates - 40 templates available from Microsoft Site

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